“It’s so much more than a check!”

Weigand Scholars consistently claim that even though our scholarships can be quite generous, they most appreciate the non-financial advantages the trust offers.  

At the Weigand Trust, we provide priceless intangibles by intentionally focusing on building relationships among our family members, resulting in benefits that impact both their personal and professional lives forever. 

Law Students

When law students are welcomed into our family, they are immersed into a community of helpful, generous attorneys.  We regularly host dinners and activities for new Weigands to meet in a casual, open environment with other students and alumni.  Here, they can learn more about the best practices from the best students and lawyers including study techniques, outlining, stress management, memorization, finals prep and more. 

Our students are also awarded access to our continually growing online database of class outlines and notes from all three schools and provided mentors through LegalLinks, our formal mentoring program. Through LegalLinks, we match each student with a team of supportive alumni who provide invaluable assistance and insight all aspects of legal education.


As our alumni remain involved in the Weigand community, they develop professional relationships with Kansas’ future leaders, resulting in a trustworthy network for referrals, recommendations and even career opportunities.    At our activities, they’re introduced to the best and brightest rising attorneys, and reconnect with other Weigands.   

Our alumni also express a great sense of fulfillment as they ‘give back’ and carry on the legacy of J.L. Weigand, Jr.  

As our family grows each year, our network matures and increases in value.  Our alumni are proud to be Weigands, and are continually providing ideas to keep our organization in a league all its own! 


Although J.L. Weigand died in 2002, his legacy lives on in the growing family of Kansas attorneys that are J.L. Weigand Trust scholarship winners. 


The Weigand Trust provides a LegalLinks, a formal mentoring program to connect law students and young attorneys with mentors who can help lead them to success. 


The family atmosphere of the Weigand community creates unique, lasting relationships. 


The Weigand Trust awards scholarships to law students who are long term Kansas residents and encourages them to live, work and give back to their home state.