The J.L. Weigand, Jr.
Notre Dame Legal Education

Welcome from the Director

Since its inception in 2004, the J.L. Weigand, Jr. Notre Dame Legal Education Trust has provided support in a variety of ways to the best Kansas law students.  Today, we’re fortunate to have a rich treasure chest of alumni leading the way in developing a family-like network of excellence and opportunities.

Each year, we strive to add value to what our organization offers, for the betterment of our scholars and, ultimately, the citizens of Kansas.  After reviewing this site, I think you’ll agree that it’s exciting to see what happens when you bring the best legal minds in Kansas together! 

Claudette Glenn

Current Scholars

Joseph Bryden, 2L, University of Kansas

“I am extremely proud to be a Weigand Scholar. The caliber of my fellow scholars is incredible and I feel very lucky to join such an impressive network. The Weigand Trust has left an incredible impact on the state of Kansas and I look forward to furthering the vision of J.L. Weigand in law school and beyond.”

Paige Reese 3L, Washburn

“Having been born and raised in Wichita, KS, I am beyond excited to be a J.L. Weigand, Jr. Trust Scholarship recipient. I feel blessed and lucky to be part of this family. Although there is outstanding monetary assistance provided with the scholarship, the people are what matter the most. I hope to honor J.L.’s legacy by serving this state well.”

Courtney Klaus, 1L
Notre Dame  

“I am forever indebted to the hard work and generosity of Mr. J.L. Weigand. The Weigand Trust has opened the door to new opportunities that will allow me to make a difference in my community down the road. I am honored to be a part of his legacy.”

Riley Nickel, 3L
University of Kansas

“I am absolutely thrilled to be named a Weigand Scholar and to be a part of the Weigand Family. This network of esteemed attorneys is truly one of the best in the country and I feel incredibly lucky to join such an impressive group of people. I look forward to taking part in giving back to the legal community in a way that maintains the spirit of J.L.’s legacy.”

John Ralston, 2L
Washburn University

“Becoming a Weigand Scholar opens the doors to serving the Kansas legal community. Beyond the confines of law school, I can now connect with lawyers across the state, each one acting as a paragon of their profession. It excites me to realize that I will have the chance to practice embodying the values of the Trust alongside them someday.”

Emily Reed, 3L
University of Kansas

“I am honored to be named a Weigand Scholar and to be included in such an accomplished group of individuals. I look forward to being a part of the Weigand family and playing a part in giving back to my home state.”

Courtney Ress, 2L
Washburn University

“I am excited to join the Weigand family as a 1L law student!  In joining this family, I affirm my commitment to serving my fellow Kansans through my future career as an attorney.  I have been so impressed with the tight-knit network of legal scholars, and I am honored to be accepted into their ranks.  I believe that this wonderful community of scholars and alumni is key to the success of a state justice system that works together for the benefit of all Kansans.  I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to participate in this effort as a Weigand scholar!”

Olivia Rogers, 1L
Notre Dame

“The Weigand trust is an unparalleled resource and community. I am honored to be a Weigand scholar and hope to represent the trust well in all I do. It’s because of the generosity and forethought of J.L. Weigand that I am able to become the type of lawyer I aim to be. I’m forever grateful.”

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