You may submit a written document no more than three pages double-spaced, OR a link to a private YouTube video not more than three minutes long.

Your personal statement is extremely valuable to those who review your application for a scholarship. You are strongly encouraged to develop a thoughtful statement that provides the committee with insights. The following questions may be helpful when deciding what topic(s) to include in the personal statement:

  • What qualities or characteristics best describe you outside of your academic record?
  • What circumstances, events, individuals, or institutions have influenced you and how?
  • What are your core values?
  • What personal and professional goals do you have?
  • If you have particular reasons for studying law and entering the legal profession, what are they?
  • If you have particular views regarding the personal characteristics and attributes that someone in the legal profession should possess, what are they?
  • If you have particular reasons for applying to a particular school, what are they?
  • If you have particular ties to the State of Kansas which would influence your decision where to ultimately practice law, what are they?